Elmon Dean Todd is the creator and author of the Godshard series. Growing up in Northwest Florida, he attended the University of West Florida, University College Cork in Ireland, and graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Literature. He has taught English in Switzerland and Japan, and currently works as a police officer and a video game review writer and columnist.  

Cursed Knight, volume one of the Godshard Chronicles, debuted in May of 2019, followed by Dark Pariah in March of 2020. He is currently working on the next volume of the Godshard Chronicles, which is due out in 2021.

His video game review publications regularly appear on RPGamer along with several articles on Hardcore Gaming 101 on obscure Japanese video games.  

He began his foray into the fantasy genre with the Dragon Quest series, which he still loves and enjoys to this very day. As for books, he enjoys history and autobiographies the most.