Cursed Knight: Godshard Chronicles - Volume one


The gods are dead. Long live their children...

In a world where elves, dwarves and humans live in peace and harmony, there remains a 

warrior race steeped in violence and war, where honour is based on strength of arm and steel. 

They are the Einar. 

Facing a catastrophic blight, the Einar army crosses the sea in search of a new world. When 

their longships are attacked, fifteen year old Kairos Azel is the only survivor, cast into a strange land called Ordonia. Here people weave magical spells of power and wonder, ruled by the 

almighty gods of the past. His life at risk from the dark elves, Kairos must join the revered order

of Mana Knights to fight for justice. 

The problem is, the Einar cannot use magic.

How does Kairos become a spell-wielding knight with no magic? How can he save his dying 

homeland when he is stranded across the sea?

Then Kairos learns that not all of the ruling gods are dead ... And one of them is after the Einar.

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