RPG Reviews by Elmon Dean Todd

Dragon Quest XI S


The Switch port of DQXI receives new features, story scenes, and a 2D mode. How does this version fare, and is it worth a second playthrough for veterans of the previous edition?

Shenmue III


After almost 20 years, Ryo Hazuki returns after one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns for a video game. Does the game live up to the hype?

Super Dragon Ball Heroes


Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Review brings the card game of the arcade into the realm of portability.  Surprisingly, this game goes above and beyond with the fan service.

Final Fantasy VIII Remaster


Originally released in 1999, this remaster enhances the character graphics and adds some modifiers to make the gameplay more accessible. Does the game still stand the test of time 20 years later? 

Dragon Quest Builders 2


Take Minecraft and inject the RPG formula of Dragon Quest into it for one of the best creative experiences out there. Screenshot credit: @TK0615yu (Twitter)



A Musou-like game based in the Fate universe, but with a few twists to separate it from the competition.