World of alban


From the churning waters of the Dark Sea to the southern tropical border of Numidia, the Kingdom of Ordonia is a mecca of peace, prosperity, and magical innovation throughout the world of Alban. Once belonging to dwarves in ancient times, humans have long since populated this land and named it after the founding ruler of the kingdom, Ventum Ordon.  

Ordonia , with its lush land and beautiful scenery, attracts many elves, dwarves, and even gnomes into its borders. Some of them relocate to this land of opportunity to ply their trades and seek wealth. While the cities and villages offer safe refuge for travelers and inhabitants alike, many dangers in the form of bandits and vicious creatures lurk in the surrounding wilderness ready to prey on the unsuspecting. 

sites of alban



 The second largest city in the kingdom of Ordonia. Located by Turquoise Lake, Vadost is renowned for its beautiful mountainous scenery, clean streets, friendly people, and the pristine waters of its lake.  

Valour Keep


The bastion for the Mana Knights of Ordonia. Aspiring knights begin their training at here as squires. Most important of all, Valour Keep houses the Sapphire Shard, the supposed godshard of the fallen god, Zemus.  



The ruins of a dwarven city enshrouded by perpetual fog. Even the most persistent grave diggers and treasure hunters avoid Shatteraxe due to rumours of tormented dwarven souls wandering about, and a fierce guardian that no Mana Knight can defeat.



Home of the Einar. The isles of Logres remain isolated from the rest of Alban, but that does not stop the Einar clans from warring amongst themselves. However, the recent appearance of the Blight has forced the Einar  to put aside their differences and look elsewhere for survival.